about us

Who we are

Bright Aid ForTanzania Child Organization aspires to improve people’s productivity through capacity building in their respective areas of practice. The organization is dedicated to inspire communities to attain their full potential and become agent of change. Critical citizenship can be attained by informing people their rights and what is expected of the public service providers across all sectors. .

Our vision:

To be an organization that builds a prosperous Tanzania through creating communities that are healthy, knowledgeable, environmental friendly, respect and value ecological diversity.

Our mission:

To create communities that is healthy, knowledgeable and economically independent through promotion of agricultural research and eco-friendly farming system; accessible and sustainable quality health services; and access to safe water. And to have well educated, gender based violence free communities

Why choose us?

All our activities cover projects in the communities, implementing all parts in the proposal of each project and becoming each one a part of it (identification, objectives, financing, implementation, beneficiaries and supervision).

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